For A Simply Delicious Burger: Try This Beef Blend

Great beef blend cheeseburger

Want to make a truly great burger? Well, look no further, because we’ve got the perfect recipe for you!

First, you’ll need to start with a great beef blend. We recommend using a blend of 1/3 chuck, 1/3 sirloin, and 1/3 brisket. This combination gives you the perfect combination of flavor, juiciness, and texture. Most decent butcher shops can hook you up with this blend.

So, how should you cook it? We prefer to cook the burger on a hot cast iron skillet as it provides a uniform cook. This will help to give it an amazing crust and the perfect char. However, if you want additional char and grill marks, your grill is also a great option. When it comes to spices, you can’t go wrong with a liberal salt on before sides of the patty. Salt will bring out and enhance the flavor of this choice beef blend. If desired, you can also add some black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder or paprika.

Cook your burger for about 3-4 minutes per side, or until it’s cooked to your desired doneness. For thicker patties, you should increase the cook time by 1-2 minutes.

Finally, top your burger with the best cheese. We recommend using a sharp cheddar, as it’s the perfect combination of creamy and tangy. However, if you haven’t tried it before, a nice pepper jack is a great way to add additional flavor.

In addition to common burger garnishes like lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, you should consider adding a bit of creaminess with avocado. Also, while ketchup and mustard are standard condiments, we enjoy adding a burger sauce like the one from Trader Joe’s to add some tang.

So there you have it: the perfect recipe for a great burger! With this combination of beef blend, cooking method, spices, and cheese, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious meal. Bon Appetit and try pairing it with this exquisite IPA.

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