5 Top Pizzas You Can Easily Make For A Weeknight Meal

thin crust pepperoni pizza

Today, pizza is likely the most beloved of all dishes in the United States. And, how could you not love it, it is endlessly versatile and can pretty much be eaten for any meal of the day. That said, ordering pizza, especially from a local shop has gotten pretty expensive with the average pie with a couple toppings going for at least $20.

Like most homes, we love eating pizza, and quite a few years ago we set out to make pizza at home that is as good as the majority of the pizza shops. As it turned, many local grocery stores carry pre-made, high-quality dough, so making pizza at home really just required a few tools and an imagination. While we started making classic thin crust pizzas, we have recently expanded our horizons and started making a number of regional favorite pies. In this post, we run down 5 of the top pizza styles in the US, each of which are unique and delicious, plus they’re easy to make in your own kitchen.

5 Great Regional Pizzas

1) Chicago Tavern Style Pizza

sausage tavern style pizza

This style of pizza is distinctive for its thin crispy crust and square cut. It is easy to make at home since it requires just a few simple ingredients, like dough, pizza sauce, cornmeal, cheese and any other toppings you want to add. The crust is light and crispy and the toppings are typically quite minimal. With a piping hot oven (500 degrees) and a pre-heated pizza stone the Tavern style pizza should be done in no more than 12-15 minutes.

2) Chicago Deep Dish Style Pizza

chicago deep dish pizza

The Deep dish style of pizza can come in a variety of subtle variations, but is most known for its thick crust, which is traditionally filled with cheese, tomato sauce, and other ingredients. The variance between different pies is largely in the crust as some are made with cornmeal, others are lighter and flakey similar-ish to a pie crust and yet others have thicker buttery crusts. Our preference is the cornmeal crust style pies. Making a deep dish pie is super easy to make at home since the dough is simply prepared and then pressed into a greased dish, cheese and toppings are laid down and then the sauce is spread across the top. Depending on the number of toppings and overall thickness, you should have your deep dish pie cooked and ready in roughly 40 minutes.

3) St Louis Style Pizza

st louis style thin crust pizza

A St. Louis style of pizza is distinguished by its crunchy, cracker-like crust. It is often more of a snack to go along with drinks rather than a full-fledged meal given how light the pizza is. Outside of the thickness of the St. Louis pizza, what really makes this pie unique is that it uses Provel cheese, which adds a lovely richness similar in flavor to a gouda cheese. Pop the pizza on a piping hot pizza stone in the oven and you’ll have this delicious pizza ready to inhale in just minutes.

4) Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit style of pizza has quickly become a favorite in our house and it largely known for its thick and rectangular crust. Detroit pizza is probably most akin to the classic pan pizza we all ate as a book club pizza when we were kids, but what really sets this pie apart is its crust. Detroit pizza crusts are made with Wisconsin Brick Cheese which make this pie so delicious. This pizza is also really easy to make in a pie dish or cast-iron pan. You should be able to pop this pie in the oven for 25 minutes and have a really great meal the whole family will love.

5) New York Style Pizza

new york style pizza

Ah, the NY style pizza, the most well known and arguably the most well loved in the entire country. This classic style of pizza is known for its thin, crispy crust and tangy tomato sauce. Any great NY pizza should be solid enough to be held in one hand without it floppy over, and yet also easily foldable. This one of the easiest to make, and with a few great ingredients and a piping hot pizza stone you’ll have a great NY pizza ready to eat in just 10 minutes or so.

No matter which style of pizza you choose, it is sure to be a delicious, enjoyable and awesome meal. So, what are you waiting for, grab a couple pre-made doughs, some pizza sauce and your favorite toppings and get to making your own pies. Once you start making your own pizzas, we have no doubt they will become a staple on the weeknight menu.

Need some supplies to get started? The most important items that you’ll need and may not already have are a pizza peel and a pizza stone. We bought this 2-1 pizza peel and stone combo and highly recommend both not only for the durability, but also the low price.

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